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Here are the achievements statistics that our company has built throughout these years by support of our clients.
Uflow Automation India

About Us

In 2008, Initially established as a small manufacturing unit Uflow Automation has enhanced its business capability to international standard. Uflow Automation is a modern, dynamic company that is currently emerging in the worldwide market place as a leader in valve manufacturing. Our commitment is to the development, manufacture, and marketing of the highest quality valves. Our personal, from the R&D to Engineering, to our outside sales team, are highly trained, and in tune with our customer’s needs and expectations.

Our markets already include satisfied customers here in India, as well as the Middle East and Asia. Continued growth and ongoing efforts to seek new applications and opportunities to solve customer problems will be the secret to our long term success. Advanced technology will allow Uflow to provide the consistency our customers expect. The new factory, combined with highly trained technicians and strict quality specifications, will ensure that as we grow our products remain reliable, and durable.

Our Services

Our Services

Uflow Automation India

Aviation Industries

Uflow automation pneumatic directional control valves are being used in aircraft and aerospace.

Uflow Automation India

Defense Industries

Solenoid products and pneumatic products of Uflow automation are applicable to the world of defense.occaecati nisi

Uflow Automation India

Railway Industries

Pneumatic products of Uflow automation for pneumatic systems and components for the rail industry.

Uflow Automation India

Medical Industries

In medical equipment our several solenoid valves and solenoid coils are applicable.


We always try to delight our customers with our service.


Uflow Automation as a proficient, we might be glad to possess your queries anytime. Our dedicated service personal will provide you an essential guideline with collateral assistance for your project..

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Uflow Automation India

Economies of Scale/Competitive price.

Even with the market globalization in effect, Uflow Automation has been able to produce the products faster and at a lower cost less expensively.

Uflow Automation India

Lean Manufacturing.

We continue on a Lean manufacturing journey and are focused on improving safety, quality, efficiency, and inventory turns.

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Uflow Automation India

State of Art Facility.

All products are produced by us and manufactured in house at our vertically integrated plant, which has vast infrastructure coupled with a dedicated workforce.

Uflow Automation India

Flexibility & Timely Shipment

We can accommodate last-minute additions/ alterations in the order even after the finalization of the order and still ensuring to make the timely shipment as per the customer’s requirement.

Uflow Automation India

Flexibility & Timely Shipment

The product quality improvements at each and every level of production help to deliver the products that enhance the quality and marketability of our customer’s end products.

Uflow Automation India

Quality throughout the System.

Quality is built into our deliverables, our internal operations, and at all the levels. So we can provide our genuine products as well as customized products with excellent quality.



We are a prime solenoid valve, and other control system valve manufacturer as well as a supplier in the globe with our latest technology with innovative ideas for customization service. We are having standard certification of ISO 9001:2015 by TUV NORD.

Why Uflow?

The research & development department continuously strives for unique ideas to give the best automation solutions. We provide an innovative product range with sophisticated technologies.


According to global transitions, Uflow Automation encourages a more resilient future for their clients by service. From our constructive and adaptive business portfolio to advanced science and technology that fuels the intellectual enterprises.

Our Quality

The quality assurance department certainly scrutinizes the products to provide the clients with our top-quality. We are triumphantly growing on our feet by maintaining the quality of our products.
Uflow Client Say 1

Mr.Quentin Law

South Africa

We have been in the valve industry for many years, and have never been happier with a supplier than we are now. Uflow has outstanding quality, fantastic service and quick delivery. We at Siraco, are proud to say that we receive our valves from Uflow India

Uflow Client Say 2

Ms.Emma Garner


Uflow automation has grew as developing company and pacing towards to become a leading company in automation field.

Uflow Client Say 3

Mr.Zhong Leng Gweng


The manufacturer produces excellent quality control valves for chemical applications and corrosive environments.

Uflow Client Say 4

Mr.Naguib Adenuga


International standard product with genuine solution and support even after purchase.

Uflow Client Say 5

Mr.Kasper Kiel


Uflow Automation has suggested and provided us accurate valves for our project, and we would be happy to have their products in the future.

Uflow Client Say 6

Mr.Adam Freeman


Uflow Automation has increasingly grew in the last few years by their diligence and support.

Uflow Client Say 7

Mr.Abdul Mehbil


Uflow Automation has increasingly grew in the last few years by their diligence and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Generally, 2-way valves allow fluid according to the cylinders. If there is a single-acting cylinder fluid flow in a single direction when a double-acting cylinder being used, fluid is able to flow in both directions.

First a fall check the connection it is accurate or not, If it is not fitted properly in and out then the valve will be not working, moreover, any dust particles inserted in the valve, then valve orifice will be blocked so the valve cannot operate, then disassembled the valve clean the dust particles after that valve can be operated.